Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rappelling . . . Only Different

Rockclimber Rappelling - UPSIDEDOWN!For some time now I have been wanting to expand my portfolio with more lifestyle portraiture - rockclimbing, running, kayaking, dance, etc. On a recent hike up Camelback Mountain, I saw this guy rappelling down one of the walls. Except instead of a traditional rappel, he was running down the wall facing downward - toward the ground! I had to approach him and ask if he would be interested in volunteering for a photoshoot and a few weeks later we are out in the desert shooting. He has some seriously dangerous moves like the one above in which he is actually descending the rope by sliding down it upsidedown.

We will be shooting more together and I'm sure his future performances for the camera will be just as harrowing!

Strobist Info:
2 SB900's and 1 SB800 camera left (gobo'd to prevent light from hitting the wall and diluting the subject's shadow) fired 1/4 power using CLS. The reason for so many is it was broad daylight and I thought I would need more horsepower. Strobes are bracketed and hanging from a rappel rope.
1 SB800 below subject and slightly camera right aimed upwards at subject fired full power using CLS.

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Mike said...

Nice work Darren! Strobe work sounds quite intricate. Nicely done, as usual.

David said...

Very cool.

PhotoJim said...

Wow, talk about a difficult shot ! Very cool.

Calaido said...

Great stuff! great stuff