Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Camelback Portrait Sessions - March Dates Confirmed

[EDIT: The March dates for 'Portraits at the Top' have CHANGED. The corrected dates are listed below and are 03/15 and 03/28.]

Some of you may already be aware that I am offering a service called 'Portraits at the Top'. For the benefit of those who haven't yet heard of this, I am hiking to the top of Camelback Mountain twice a month and shooting free portraits. The twist is that I will have portable lighting equipment with me and have a mobile studio set up to create portraits like the one above.

It would be great to see you up there for a free photo and to say 'Hi'. The dates for March are Sunday 03/015 and Saturday 03/28 from 9:00am until noon. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Strobist Info:
Exposure was 1/800 at f/16 to underexpose the sky
Two SB800's fired full power using CLS high and camera-right
One Vivitar 285 fired full power using PocketWizards low and camera-right
One SB800 fired full power on-camera to provide on-axis fill light

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Madeleine Calaido Weber said...

the light looks very interesting. did you use an additional flash? Cheers Madeleine

Poppa-D said...

Hi Madeleine - all the flash information is in the blog post (marked 'Strobist Info'). There you will see exactly how and how many flashes were used.

Thanks for reading and please visit again.

Andrea Hanks said...

How in the world do you haul all of your gear to the top of that mountain without dying? You must either pack lightly, OR be in great shape. Did you ever find the link on lighting to the speaker from the PPA Arizona class you went to? BTW, the rock climbing shots are so cool.

Poppa-D said...

Andrea - Maybe a little bit of both. My pack weighs in at about 35lbs.

As for that speaker, I looked after mentioning him to you and again this morning. He has a nearly non-existent online presence. Unusual but he is a bit older and perhaps less 'plugged in' than we are.

Stephen Power said...

A beautifully lit shot, and an extremely original and inventive idea. I have portrait clients who are reluctant to DRIVE 10 miles to my studio, let alone hike up a mountain for a shot! So, well done to you and them - originality comes with effort!

Anonymous said...

You can use CLS and Pocket Wizards at the same time?! Your photos are excellent dude.