Friday, August 22, 2014

For Release: August 22, 2014. ZBHH Cancels Asia Tour Dates

Press Release: Earlier today Lemuel Mandell announced that unfortunately the tour dates scheduled for later this month in Asia have been cancelled. An unfortunate incident occurred in Stockholm last weekend between ZBHH and touring partners Stinky Nickles. When asked, Mandell said "As a trio, Peace Mama, Paulie Knuckles and myself do a lot of the heavy lifting. Sadly the Nickles didn't see it that way and were being primadonas about pitching in." Later during an undisclosed incident ZBHH and the Nickles clashed after a show. An investigation is pending but allegations of assault are at this time unconfirmed. There's no word if cancelled dates will be rescheduled. The Nickles were unavailable for comment. ASCI 2014