Sunday, June 17, 2007

Telluride, CO (Part I)

The family and I went up to Telluride, CO for a little R&R in the mountains. We (Liz, Shannon, & myself) met up with Jeff (Liz's brother), Jenn (his wife), and Casey & Corissa (their two kids). We had a blast sitting up in the mountains for a few days and soaking in the energy of beautiful Telluride. We just arrived back in Phoenix a few hours ago and are exhausted so I have only one picture to post for now (I will post more in a few days).

This is Bridal Falls and the 'house' atop the falls used to be a hydro-electric facility that provided electricity to Telluride years and years ago - it is now an historic monument.

Telluride, CO

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Michael said...

That picture is sick, think I found another piece of artwork for the apt.