Friday, January 30, 2009

The Morton Trident

Custom Strobe Bracket - 3 Strobes (1 SB900 and 2 SB800'sI have been struggling lately with some of my outdoor lifestyle photography because I didn't have a good solution to 'overpowering' the sunlight. This was not because I didn't have enough power in my strobes, but because I didn't have a way to gang them up on a single light stand to generate the power I needed. As a result I was using terrible temporary solutions like bungee cording strobes together and using multiple lightstands and such (as was the case for the portrait in the post immediately below). Then a solution was born . . . the conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hey Morton Photographic, I want a Brewer Bracket.

MortonPhoto: No you don't - you want a Morton Trident.

Me: Oh, I do? What's a Morton Trident?

MortonPhoto: I don't know - come over and we'll build one.

And then was born this bracket. I am stoked to go do battle with the mid-day sun using this little tri-fecta. And what is cool is if I shoot portrait orientation, the whole bracket will swivel 90 degrees and be vertically arranged instead of horizontal. Or if I wanted to put this baby behind an umbrella or similar diffuser, I can hang the two end strobes from the underside of the bracket creating a sweet strobe-triangle.

Strobist Info:
3 strobes in photo fired w/ CLS at 1/128 power
2 strobes (one left, one right) fired w/ CLS at full power

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