Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hiking In The Superstition Mountains

Hiking Superstition State Park approaching Siphon Draw to summit The FlatironA few friends of mine and I went hiking in the Superstition Mountains over the weekend. We hiked up Siphon Draw to the summit at The Flatiron. It is a great hike and will undoubtedly provide you a good workout as the trail ascends 2,000 feet over a distance of only 2 miles (read 'steep'!). The Superstition Mountains are a great desert gem with a long history and shrouded in mystery (i.e. The Lost Dutchman Mine - lots have gotten very very lost searching for this mythical mine).

Because this hike was not a 'photo expedition' I didn't want to labor my hiking companions too much fiddling with camera gear and taking lots of time to set up shots. In fact, I only took 3 photos the whole day and this was one of them.

Strobist Info:
N/A - All ambient light

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Jen said...

wow. just...wow.

Amanda Manfredi said...

Beautiful shot! I don't think I've ever seen the Superstitions appear to be so lush!