Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lovebirds Outside My Office Window

Feral Lovebirds outside my office in Phoenix AZToday has been a gray rainey day here in otherwise normally sunny Phoenix. For some reason, it is the gray bleak days that I think to use the color shift technique of setting my camera's white balance to tungsten causing the outdoor ambient light to have a blueish hue. The strobes are color corrected using CTO (orange) gell so as to appear white to the indoor light balanced camera.

This bird feeder is outside my office window and I try to keep it full because as you can see, I get some pretty cool birds that come by to feed. This was a test run on a concept that I have been wanting to try for some time now. Perhaps a more photographically interesting example will surface in the near future.

Strobist Info:
There are 3 SB800's placed circularly around the bird feed all set to the same height as the bird feeder. They were fired 1/2 power and CTO gelled. Interestingly enough, the birds were not frightened off by the firing strobes.

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iamchanelle said...

awwwww! nice shot!!! i can't believe we have wild lovebirds here! :)