Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Hike in Sedona

A stormy, rainy day in Sedona - hiking Broken Arrow trail out to Chicken PointAfter checking the forecasts in a various parts of the state (AZ), we determined there should be sufficiently crappy weather in Sedona and we should spend Christmas Day there hiking and camping. I realize this sounds counter-intuitive, but we have so much nice weather here in Arizona that it can often be a lot of fun to bundle up in the weather gear and head out into the rain.

The weather broke long enough for me to get this shot from Chicken Point. But just because it wasn't raining doesn't mean I didn't contend with with weather - WIND! The gusts were strong enough that I could lean forward into it and stand at a diagonal.

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iamchanelle said...

this shot is awesome!!!! love the dof...would love to know the settings you used for this one.

Poppa-D said...


There is a lot going on in this photo. It was shot at f/4 but is and HDR image blending 3 images of varying shutter speeds. As for the DOF, it's not entirely the wide aperture - I used PS to create a psuedo tiltshift effect. If you want more info DM me your email addy on Twitter.

PS - listening to Zeppelin (Black Country Woman)

iamchanelle said...

SWEET. thx for the dets! i don't know how to do half of that, haha! totally need to learn.

and rock on, dude. every day is a good day for the zep. ;)