Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twilight Yoga in Tempe, Arizona

Yoga model poses on public art in Tempe AZ
I recently decided to create a targeted marketing campaign aimed at yoga studio owners, instructors, and enthusiasts. Only problem - I had zero yoga photography in my portfolio. Using my social media networks I was able to schedule 5 yoga models in just a few short hours. Kyna Rosen was my first victim . . . er, um . . . volunteer.

Let me just say, if you are local and have any interest at all in hiring a personal trainer, this gal is far and away your first call. She posed for me for over four hours - and that was after a full day's work training and instructing!

Strobist Info:
2 SB800's left and right of subject fired at full power and gobo'd to prevent lens flare.
1 Vivitar 285 camera left and 45 degrees to subject.
All fired with PW's.

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1 comment:

pete bady said...

Hey came out pretty cool! I was the photog taking pics of you during this shoot btw :) Haven't gotten to those pics yet (over 1000 for the trip), but will send one on over when I do get to them. Very nice work btw, love your lighting.