Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kitchen Photography

Custom kitchen in Scottsdale Arizona
Custom kitchen in Scottsdale Arizona
Some recent client work has had me photographing kitchens. It turns out creating a balanced, evenly lit, and interesting photograph of a kitchen can be rather difficult. There are many reflective surfaces in which you don't want to see the reflections of strobes and umbrellas and the like. There are also lots of islands and cabinets to block light from evenly filling (and illuminating) the room.

The kitchen photography is definitely improving my skills as a photographer, but sadly, it is improving my Photoshop skills even more! ;-)

Strobist Info:
Both photos utilize strobes bouncing up into corners for a soft key light as well as a strobe below the camera to illuminate the foreground.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice job, it would be interesting to see your before & after work in photoshop.

do you take multiple shots from a tripod and reposition like and merge images later. or is it more straightforward ?