Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jump Jam at NRA


We had a pretty sweet jump jam today out at NRA. There are a ton of nice new jumps out there and they are super groomed right now. Big props to the guys building and maintaining.

Strobist Info:
Two Vivitar 285's high on stands camera left and right fired at full power
Exposed for 1/1000th sec. at f/4
Shot at 12mm

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Bob Copp said...

Wonderful photo - like so many you do - I've enjoyed them all. Also, congratulations on evolving from financial guru to photographer!

One question: how do you sync 285's at 1/1000? I'm assuming you are shooting with a Nikon DSLR and I didn't know that they sync. at over 1/250th, even with Pocket Wizards. I'm trying to do the same thing but with Canon equipment, 285's and 580EX's and having a terrible time trying to beat the sun.

Thanks for the great inspiration.


Poppa-D said...

Bob - thanks for the kinds words; I am happy you enjoy my images.

As for the high-speed synch hack, I have posted instructions here

I am uncertain if it will work if you are shooting with a Canon body; but if you are shooting a Nikon body with Canon flashes and PW's there won't be a problem.

Out of curiosity - are you local to me (Phoenix)?