Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Relationship Between Artist and Artwork

So I have been thinking for some time now about the relationship between myself as a photographer and my photography. The question that kept rolling around in my mind is whether I, as the maker, define my artwork; or if conversely my artwork defines me.

I have finally come to the conclusion the two are inseparable - sort of a 'chicken and egg' deal. I am obviously in control of the artwork I create (and/or choose to publish) but then at that very moment of creation/publication the artwork instantly becomes a defining element of who I am.

This may seem pretty obvious (things usually are once they are out there in front of you) but it all makes so much more sense now why I have such an emotional reaction to creating photographs. It's because when I look at my photos I am really looking at a little part of me; a piece of who I am on the inside.

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Inspir8tion said...

I think your theory is absolutely right, and I love this piece!