Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Every Line a Story

I was recently doing some portrait work for a client - the portraits were actually of my client's clients. The photos were all pretty 'safe' shots - nothing too crazy or experimental as I only had each person for about a minute so I didn't stray too far from center on the lighting, angles, or composition.

This shot, however, is a little different than the rest. About 1/3 of the way into shooting this gentleman he stops me and asks me if he can tell me a story. "Sure" I replied. As he was telling me the story I was holding the camera pressed up against my chest but still aimed at him. I pressed the shutter release; no idea of the composition, no idea of the focus (although I was hoping autofocus would do its thing). Anyway, this is what I got - it is probably the single most expressive shot from the day. I didn't send it to my client for review as it didn't fit the purpose of the shoot but it may be my favorite picture from this shoot.

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carlos said...

So..... what was the story?

Erika Botfeld said...

i had the same question. did you furrowed brown remind him of a simpson's character?