Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Seattle . . .

. . . and no real photos to speak of (Gasp!).

We visited Seattle for 9 days and I have no 'photographs' to speak of damnit! But the first night we were out, I was tackled on a Seattle street by my buddy during drunken horseplay. Did I mention I had my D200 in my backpack and heard a resounding 'THUNK' when I hit the ground?

After that I was terrified to take my DSLR with me anywhere because each one of us fools was rowdier than the next and I thought I would rather come home with my D200 in tact. So what do we get instead? A pic from my years-old point and shoot at 3 megapixels. (I probably wouldn't have even posted this except I have been so busy and neglecting my photography as well as this site - so I didn't want my rabid readers to lose interest because of dormancy - insert smiley winky face).

Anyway, this pic was taken while wandering the streets of Seattle after a daylong binge at the KEXP BBQ (shortly after fearing the destruction of my D200 mentioned above and while tending to my bloodied knees and elbows).

Captain Fun/Dave/Norm in Seattle

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