Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where it all started . . .

So some time ago, we had a pipe in the bathroom burst. Seems innocent enough except for the 'Pandora's Box' affect we didn't anticipate. One burst pipe in the bathroom turned into a 9 month full interior remodel of the house including 18" travertine tile throughout the house, French doors, archways, painting, drywall, can lights, etc. And after all that nonsense, our house is still a one bathroom . . . grrr . . !

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Strobist Info
ISO: 100
On-camera flash: 1/2 Power
Off-camera flash in bathtub: 1/8 Power gelled for incandescent light to 'blend' the white-balance with the candles


Wiedebas said...

This your 3rd blog??
Very nice shot! Love the Strobist stuff, right?

Poppa-D said...

Alright! My first comment! I am way too excited about this whole blogging thing. Thanks for checking in (and commenting) and yes, Strobist is fantastic and by far my favorite photography website. Please check in once in a while as I will try to update with some regularity. Tonight I am going to post pictures from my weekend trip to Antelope Canyon. Very much not strobist; rather the opposite - all ambient light but an amazing place.

erika said...

Chloe was born in late August. And I think the last time I enjoyed a nice, warm candle-lit bubble bath was sometime in June. Can I come over and borrow your tub? This bath looks very inviting. Somewhat creepy by the window, but still inviting.